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The hand in hand starter class 

5 Tools & skills for all your parenting needs 

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Setting limits &Building cooperation - 4-week class 

About Me

I have been immersed in the area of well-being since childhood, as the daughter of a yogi, I was born into it. I took a soul-searching trip in south-east Asia in 2000 which started a passion for personal growth. I had a traumatic start to life followed by a challenging childhood which continued into school where I faced a very difficult time. My own journey, managing stress and overwhelm, has brought many powerful tools into my life. My desire to help others feel happier and more resilient from the inside has been born out of that. For the past 20 years I have worked with adults, children, teens, and families helping to address ways to tackle life's modern and debilitating stresses to enjoy their journey more.

Sam Watts

Thank you for helping me to see my children’s needs and to listen to my own. I’m kinder to myself and so I’m kinder to my children. The course and your support has helped me so much.I


Simon Hill 

I attended a couple of 1 on 1 sessions recently and hope to arrange more in the future. One particular teaching will stay with me and that’s to observe. Not just as a practise to centre the mind before meditation but as a general rule. Whether I’m walking the dog or preparing for a meeting at work. To spend 2-3 minutes observing the world around us has made a positive and calming effect on me.

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About Us


Parenting can be a lonely place especially if your trying something different to the people around you, Come join our facebook community      for wellness practices and parenting inspiration  

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