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Therapeutic Counselling 

Life can be tough, right from the beginning, or we can experience something along the way that catapults us into the unknown. It may be a slow drip of many of life’s stressors which could mean we don't know how we got here, but it feels heavy and unmanageable. We might feel stuck with how to move next. We may not feel like moving or believe we are unable to move anywhere at all. 

A non-judgmental space allows us to feel cared for and gives us chance to explore and process what we believe life has brought us.  Therapeutic counselling can bring relief and insight into what gets in the way of the life we want to be living. 

What is therapeutic counselling? 

My session with you comes from a person-centred approach, which essentially means that we work together to focus on your individual experiences and needs, you are at the helm alongside me as we work together. We explore the issues you’re facing and allow for awareness and space for change or expansion to occur. In the therapy space, we can learn to feel safe, and in an accepting relationship where we feel heard something incredible can happen. We are powerful beings under our difficulties and stress and we can reach within ourselves to empower the next steps we take.  

What happens in a typical session 

In the first session I will provide a contract to explain some of the formalities of a counselling session. From there it is an open 50-minute session to explore the difficulties are that you face. As an integrative practitioner, there are a few ways you might choose for us to work, from a talking approach to being guided by emotions or body sensations to help guide us. You don't have to know any particular skills to use this way of working. We will follow what feels most interesting to you and we can change the way of working if it doesn’t feel right. You are in charge of this aspect. It is usually best to give sessions chance to work over a number of weeks up to and beyond 6 but this is a suggestion and I will work with you to explore what is the best fit for you. 

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy and payment is expected before the session. I use a sliding scale for payment based on your current circumstances. Between £40 -£60 per hour. 

Embodied Approach

Growing a happier life

Image by Neil Thomas

Wellbeing Session

Awareness is key, when we can see the patterns, we can address them. 

Using embodied meditation, mindfulness and the keys of wellbeing, you will learn tools to manage stress and to gain perspective on how, with a little practice, life could become happier and more fulfilled.

I provide 1:1 well-being sessions that will support you to bring more joy into life. This approach puts you at the helm, learning to use the following techniques that are specifically tailored to your circumstances and lifestyle that you can tap into outside of sessions when you most need them.

  •  Breathwork

  • Mindfulness

  • Energy techniques

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Sounding practice


Maybe you are looking to deepen your yoga and meditation practice, you can feel the benefits on the mat but want to have a menu of specific practices and techniques that will help you feel more alive in any given moment or manage stress with grace and presence.


Benefits include:

Lower stress levels


Deeper connection to self and others

More energy & aliveness  

 Better physical health

Mental clarity and calmness

Increases body awareness

Relieves chronic stress patterns

Relaxes the mind

Centres attention; and sharpens concentration

Hand Embrace

1:1 Parenting Sessions

In these sessions, the aim is to get to the roots of the concerns you have in regard to the behaviours you are experiencing. I will take a full history and talk with you about tools to help the specific situations you are experiencing.

This could include:

  • Bad or difficult to manage behaviours

  • Parent overwhelm or guilt

  • Difficult & traumatic birth

  • Difficulty bonding -loss of connection with self & child 


We will identify which Hand in Hand Parenting tools work best, getting to the roots of the problems & looking at how to tackle your individual situation.

Support Group

Hand in Hand Parenting - 6 Week Starter Class

These sessions will give you a full introduction to the five Hand in Hand Parenting tools. You will work in a small group with other parents. Group learning is an immensely powerful process and learning to feel the support of others invaluable. I will introduce you to methods and ideas that will help your little people and your family unit thrive. These tools and teachings will be relevant to you for the whole of your children's lives. It's never too late for a restart. This course has the tools to help your family life improve with more fun and a deeper connection for all.


Over the 6 weeks we will look at:

• Sanity saving tools to reach for - practical and playful ways to set boundaries and solve those familiar parenting problems

•   Getting to the root of your child’s unreasonable behaviours, tears and tantrums, rudeness and aggression

• We will look at a tool to help you navigate family life from your own personal values.


The intentions for the sessions will be - A small supportive group of 6 parents in a non-judgmental environment.

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